Importance of Accessibility to a Public Library

One of the most significant challenges faced by our current Public Library is accessibility.  The issues of limited hours during the school year, poor parking situation and difficult entrance configuration will all be resolved with a new free-standing Library.

The new South Hero Library will offer greatly increased accessibility to those with limited mobility by providing more designated Library Parking in closer proximity to the Library. Better parking will make it easier for Seniors and those with small children to access the Library.  The new Public Library will allow a return to regular operating hours. Regular operating hours will provide access for those who work and will allow young families increased opportunity to function around eating and nap schedules. Having very young children encouraged to learn and explore at their Public Library sets the stage for a positive learning experience throughout their lives. A new Public Library can be a bus stop for High Schoolers who wish to take advantage of the Library’s resources for research and completing school assignments. The new Library will allow for increased programming for youngsters, youth, high-schoolers, and adults. The new Library will provide Community Space for meetings such as an early morning yoga class or chess club, classes such as ‘How to Use That New Smart Phone’ or learn to make jewelry, mentors and tutors may book the small meeting room for quiet sessions… and more.

A new Public Library will support and enrich our vibrant community by offering increased accessibility.  For further information please take a look at previous postings to read FAQs, view the conceptual site plan and design, and read the Case Statement. You may also stop by the current Library and talk with our Library Director, Keagan Calkins.