The Many Benefits of the Proposed Library Location

“The mission of the South Hero Public Library is to enrich, inform, and educate the citizens of South Hero.” This is a powerful mission statement and one that is taken seriously by the Library Board members, whom are always working hard to find ways to fulfill it.  In the current Library location, there are significant schedule, access and space related challenges to achieving this mission.  These can be resolved with a new free-standing Public Library. We have the ‘why’ and the ‘what’ to building a new Library…. but how about where?

You may have noticed on the north side of Route 2 (#260) as you drive into South Hero Village there is a big pile of dirt located just east of the building being constructed that will house Wally’s Bagels & Deli and the new Community Health Center.  Where you see that big pile of dirt is the proposed location of the new Public Library. Check out the map on the upper right of this page.

Having the Library at this location has many advantages. For one, being at the gateway to the town center along Route 2, it will be an easy stop as we leave or come home to South Hero.  The location will also help to provide a sense community with outdoor and indoor spaces to chat with neighbors, friends and visitors, peruse the daily papers and discuss the news, have a cup of coffee and a Wally’s bagel while meeting with your book group. Additionally, this location offers a great spot for high school buses to pick up and drop off. Having the students get off the bus at the library allows them to take advantage of the various media resources, do homework, research job, career and scholarship opportunities, meet others for a study group or just hang out with friends. With the new pedestrian crossing soon be installed at the intersection of Route 2 and South Street, the new location will be safely accessible by children and adults walking or biking to the library.

The Library Board members believe a stand-alone public library will help nurture our wonderful community, provide the space, the time and the access for all to participate, learn, grow, engage, reflect and connect. This is just what fulfilling the Library’s mission is all about and the proposed location will be a great spot for it all to happen.



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