Become a Part of History!


Construction has been completed at the Library’s new Route 2 location! This has been made possible thanks to the support of more than 400 community members – individuals, businesses, and foundations – that helped us achieve our $1.5 million goal.

How can I support the new library?

Your gift, of any size, will help equip and maintain a resource for our entire community – including all our visitors and residents as well as people from other Island towns and those who will find the Library a convenient stop on their daily commute. There are many ways to make a financial donation. Read about them here, or visit our secure online form to make an immediate donation! 

Why build a new library now?

The idea of separating the South Hero community library and the Folsom School library has been a topic of discussion for several years. The idea began to pick up a lot of steam in 2014, as it became apparent that school needs and community needs were increasingly growing in different directions. Restrictions on public access during school hours also increased calls for a separate space.

What’s coming in the new Library?

The new building will provide 5,450 square feet of space to increase the collection and programming. Added space for the collection will result in a 50% increase, or 10,000 titles, to the collection of books, videos and other materials.

Who will be served?

Each year 6,000 people access our Library in person and online. These patrons are drawn from year-round residents and seasonal visitors. This latter group swells our population of less than 2,000 to as many as 10,000 at the peak of the summer season. Many may think of South Hero as a wealthy town, but 1/3 of our K-8 students receive free or reduced lunch. This Library will be an asset for all, regardless of socio-economic status.

How will programming increase?

Here are some of the ways we will be able to increase programming in our new, larger free-standing library to help bridge the opportunity gap:

  • Preschool children and their parents will once again enjoy a regular pre-school story hour and an added play time.
  • School age children can find enrichment courses that complement their public education.
  • Home schooled children will have access to similar resources as their in-school peers.
  • High school students will have a safe place to meet and study after school
  • Adults and teens will have opportunities to increase their skills for the job market
  • Older adults can pursue educational programming to enrich their lives, with programming scheduled during the day to appeal to those reluctant to drive after dark.
  • Community groups can use the Library for meetings and socialization.

Construction Photo Gallery

Construction of the new building began in July 2018. View a chronological gallery of all photos here to watch our ongoing progress.



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The New Location

The land that is being donated to the Community Library is at 260 Route 2 in South Hero, adjacent to Wally’s Place and the Champlain Islands Health Center.