Why Build a New Library Now?

South Hero Library architectural renderingThe idea of separating the South Hero Community Library and the Folsom School Library has picked up a lot of steam since 2014. This website is meant to help the community understand how the needs of the school and the town have grown in different directions in recent years, and how we might better serve each without a significant financial impact on residents.

For instance, did you know that:

  • Due to school safety requirements, the general public can only access the Library when school is not in session? Daytime hours for the general public are severely limited, which has had largest impact on the youngest and oldest members of our community.
  • Due to space constraints, the Community and the School cannot adequately grow their collections to meet the needs of their primary users. While students need a collection that better addresses curriculum requirements, the younger children and adults in our community are asking for picture books on one hand, and books for a more mature audience on the other.
  • Gathering space at the current library is too tight for many community events and also inadequate for student needs, both during reading time and in terms of technology and maker space.

The planned new Library is in response to community input. People who answered surveys repeatedly requested expanded Library hours, a well-ventilated place, and room for community activities.

Please browse this website to learn more about recent efforts to move the South Hero Community Library to a new location. If you have questions that aren’t answered here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

– The South Hero Community Library Steering Committee
– The South Hero Community Library Board of Trustees

Capital Campaign Funding Updates

We are closing in on our fundraising goal! Over $1.2 million has been raised in cash and pledges toward the $1.5 million goal needed to build a new library for South Hero. Get the latest news on our fundraising efforts.

The proposed new location

The land that will be donated to the Community Library is at 260 Route 2 in South Hero, adjacent to Wally’s Place and the Champlain Islands Health Center.

Interested in learning more about efforts to identify a potential new location? Read more here.